Spain and Portugal


The Province of Saint Luis Bertrán was established in the General Chapter of 1981. Its territory includes the missions in Spain and Portugal which had formed a Vicariates in 1973. It is currently formed of sisters of different nationalities: Spanish, Portuguese, Philippine, Japanese, Kenyan, Chilean and Korean. On finishing their juniorate formation, other sisters from Myanmar and Vietnam have joined the communities. In the juniorate there is also a sister from the USA., so in total there are ten nationalities! The presence of so many different nationalities within the Church only enriches our community, as it helps us to live in a congregation that is both multicultural and international, which in turn is a reflection of society in general. We must advance, just like everybody else, towards a world that is multicultural.

Neither do we wish to lose sight of our resting upon God’s calling within the religious community, which as such is built around the values of a consecrated life, and not around a race, language or country. For this reason we should let vocational values take priority over cultural values. We can be found throughout six communities where, with little personnel and many limitations, we continue to strive in our commitment to spread the word of God’s truth to as many brothers as  possible.


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