Hous of worship Residence Saint Dominic

Information and Activities

After serving as a resting home, it became a university residence, and later on, taking into account the conditions of our society and its different paces of life, which on occasions require suitable spaces to find tranquility, inner peace, a place to rest or the possibility of sharing as a group, and recovering new energy to continue one’s quest, it has been converted into a house of prayer and of welcome.

Here you are offered a suitable space for meditation, prayer and contemplation, a place where you can find your inner self, and also find others who come looking for tranquility, inner peace, rest or the possibility of sharing as a group, thus recharging themselves with new energy to continue their path.

The sisters also take part in:

  • Catechism of the Parish.
  • A group of Ascendant Life.
  • Telephonic assistance to those in need.