In the desire to respond faithfully to its original charism as well as to highlight this aspect of its identity, the Institute has aspired to rescue its missionary charism by returning to the sources and reflecting it in its constitutions.

We follow Jesus, according to the way envisioned by Dominic de Guzmán: by giving our lives as consecrated women who listen and accept the Word that we want to proclaim, living in a multicultural community, eager to announce the Gospel to the ends of the world, and by being willing to be sent and “set up our tent” anywhere in the world.

Being a member of our Institute implies having a strong “sense of belonging”, aware of our identity as missionaries wanting to announce Jesus Christ’s good news of salvation wherever we are and always ever ready to be sent.

The command of Jesus is as valid today as yesterday: “Go and preach to the ends of the earth.” As always, this implies leaving one’s country, home, culture, even oneself, towards an unknown land, even if the fear and the temptation to back down is as strong as in the past, but trusting in the Lord Jesus we move forward.

envíameTo be sent is worthy enough to be a missionary of St. Dominic! We are called to bear witness to the joy that comes from the certainty of being loved! Our life opts for the primacy of proclaiming the Kingdom. Today, as yesterday, there is no shortage of sisters in the Institute who are willing to travel, to give themselves generously outside their homeland and their culture in favor of those most in need. There is no shortage of sisters whose hearts beat a great desire: “SEND ME!”

We are motivated by being humble and simple signs of a star that still twinkles in the lives of the peoples in the middle of the night. We are reminded that along the way we are called to leave behind us a flash of light and a flame of fire. But for this we must renew ourselves and recharge ourselves with energy through the encounter with the Good News of the Kingdom in every corner of the world! Be a light in the dark!