The presence of the Institute in Thailand began in August 2003. In response to the invitation of the Ordinary of the diocese of Udon Thani, the sisters entered the country to exercise their apostolate in the field of teaching at Holy Redeemer School in Muangphol and later at Fatima School in Bangkok. Later the Institute established a center in Maesot (Mother Josefa Alzúa Home) to work with children refugees from Myanmar. In this center, Burmese refugees without parents live, study and learn crafts or skills that can help them to be responsible and productive people in the future. We also collaborate in the care and education of refugee children and youth at St. Joachim Catholic Center for Migrants in Samut Sakhon.


The Institute arrived in Cambodia in 2005 to collaborate in the mission of the Church among the poor and marginalized. The sisters carry out the pastoral works entrusted by the local church in different villages of Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh where they established centers that carry out literacy programs for out-of-school children, feeding program for children and young people and skills training such as sewing and cooking for mothers. They also teach catechism in the parish and English in some public schools.

            At present there are only two communities in Cambodia, but their apostolates continue to grow and spread. Occasionally lay volunteers from other countries go and stay there for a period of time to experience missionary life with the sisters.