Santo Domingo de Guzmán, born in Caleruega in 1170, he was a man marked by light. The star accompanied Domingo throughout his life and with him formed the great oof the Dominican Order: people consecrated to the proclamation of the Good News of the Kingdom, who have prayer and study as their axis of life, with the look at the evangelizing service.

santa DomingoUsing the star’s arm, Domingon broke off and in almost fifty years gave rise to another small constellation: THE CONGREGATION OF RELIGIOUS MISSIONARIES OF SANTO DOMINGO, with a specifically MISSIONARY charism.

We are born of LIGHT! and for LIGHT!

Our star continues to show us the way, it reminds us that we are called to leave behind us a flash of light, of fire.

We are members of an international missionary Institute, and we want to form a multicolored stained glass window that lets that LIGHT pass through us, in such a way that the thousand colors of our stars in Bologna are perceived as being in: Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Mariana Islands, China, South Koestrella en Boloniarea, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Chile … the thousand colors of wealth that the variety of culture, the diversity of languages, the different lifestyles that come together making UNITY IN DIVERSITY. The thousand colors of a universal Institute that works without geographical limits where the Church needs it.

Our origin is found in an experience of God and a call to mission.

Calls to be witnesses and prophets! For today, as yesterday, Jesus’ mandate continues: “Go and preach to the ends of the earth.”

Missionary of Santo Domingo … BE LIGHT IN THE DARK!

(From the book: "Una estrella nos acompaña en el camino")