University Residence Saint Rode of Lima

Information and Activities

  • Attention to young woman in the residence.
  • Catechism of the Parish.
  • Mankind Project for rehabilitation of drug addicts.
  • Part of the Managing council of the lay fraternity.
  • Reception of the self-help group and neighbours’  reunions.
  • Liturgical celebrations, campaigns, voluntary groups, NGOs.
  • Collaboration in different solidary campaigns organized by the diocese and the dominican family.


  • Attendance at Spanish classes at the language school.
  • Attendance at theology classes at the Theological Institute of the Augustines.
  • Attendance at bible classes in an intercongregational group.
  • Encouragement of liturgy and catechism in two parishes. Also in other special events when they are called upon (cathedral, discussions in the diocese, the dominican family)
  • Weekends dedicated to the announcing of Christ within some of the surrounding parishes.
  • Participation each year in the International Native. 
  • Vocations Day celebration.
  • Taking part in and winning prizes in Christmas carol and Christmas card competitions at diocese conference level.
  • Participation in meetings at provincial and dominican family level, amongst others, coinciding with the 8th Centenary of the foundation of the Order. At the European Youth Day celebration, they collaborated with a stand which the dominican family presented in Ávila.
  • Participation in the  Women Preachers Meeting, organized by SEDEP in Madrid on the occasion of the 8th  centenary.
  • Bringing to life the community experience in different communities of the Province, which has proved to be beneficial to both parts.