Catholic Okinawa Gakuen

Information and Activities

3-16-1 Maehara

Ginowan Shi, okinawa Ken

Japón 901-2215


         Founded on the Catholic viewpoint and educational principles, we value the existence of human beings in their relationship with God and convey the importance of walking through life in close communion with Him.

          The Greek philosopher Aristotle said: “The most important thing in life is friendship.” Thomas Aquinas, a 13th century Dominican, author of the “Summa Theologica”, quotes this phrase and establishes the slogan that says “friendship between God and people” is the best friendship. Jesus Christ said: “I call you friends, because all the things that I heard from my Father I have made known to you” (John 15:15).  Each of us is created in the image of God and journeys toward Him. In the process, we meet other people at school, a place that transcends the boundaries of home. We will grow with each other, and eventually, as members of society, with respective God-given missions.

         The goal of the school is to form persons and build personalities that can contribute to the common good of society and can appreciate and respond to the love of God, hence, we educate persons that can love others as brothers, practice love and apply the knowledge given by God.

  • The school offers Primary, Junior and Senior High School
  • Management of student dormitory
  • Prayer with students