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This charitable institution was established on May 1, 1992 as a home to indigent girls who wanted to study. In addition to financing the educational expenses of the girls, the Sisters assisted the girls in their schooling and trained them to do appropriate tasks like cleaning the house, doing dishes, making their beds, washing and ironing clothes and most of all they were given spiritual formation.

The present building, blessed on October 11. 2008 is an exact replica of the original one but with improved amenities. The new Home situated in a higher plain gave the sisters the opportunity to extend help to nearby families especially during rainy season when their houses are flooded. The gymnasium serves as a temporary evacuation center and refuge to these families. The sisters share with them hot food from their kitchen.

            During the 25th Anniversary of the Home, the girls, now fully grown up women came for the celebration to express their gratitude to the sisters who were instruments of the success they attained in life.

  • To provide a home and education for girls from poor families
  • Pastoral Program
    • Catechism Classes given to children of workers.