Colegio Luz de la Colina

Information and Activities

Hikari ga Oka Joshi Koto Gakko

Onishi Cho, Okunaga Iri, 52

Okazaki Shi, Aichi Ken

Japón 444-0811


  • Our education is based on Christian values, that is why we strive to make the basic principles of Christianity a reality in our atmosphere.
  • We hold on to the basis of our faith that keeps hope firm in our daily life. For this we emphasize greetings as a fundamental link of union and peace, creating a sense of family.
  • Sharing a smile and helping each other with kindness, both among teachers and students, highlighting the compassion that Saint Dominic had.
  • We give attention to writing, as an expression of our feelings, creating literary poems or compositions that help the students know how to present their ideas to other people.
  • Each one takes great care to create a friendly and welcoming environment.
  • The students are educated in respect and mutual acceptance of each person. The three years stay at school can define her own personality.
  • During their stay in the school we try to make each student feel that it is an irreplaceable moment to face herself achieving a healthy and upright education.
  • We emphasize the importance of loving oneself in order to radiate a light which illumines and loves everybody.  The world aspires such light.
  • We help the immigrants.
  • Gatherings to pray the Rosary.
  • Santa Catalina Kindergarten:
    • It is a place to live love based on Christian values. Our school prioritizes humane education that values our friends, teachers, parents, and the people around us.
    • It provides a positive experience brought about by meeting several people. For this, emphasis is placed on learning to accept and help each other in spite of all the differences that coexistence brings in kindergarten.
    • Our goal is to create an environment where we can practice the joy of teaching and the joy of being taught.
    • Through the Montessori method of education, applied in our kindergarten, we emphasize the characteristics of childhood growth and development, a development that must be marked by sensitivity, order, stability, solidarity and goodwill.