Dominican Child Development Center, 1984

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Is the first Mission  on  the Island of Guam through  the invitation of the late Bishop Felixberto Flores. The pioneers stayed with the Notre Dame Sisters while they were teaching at San Vicente School in Barrigada. Aiming to serve the people of Guam in the field of education, the Sisters found a day care center owned by a private person who sold the whole property. On March 9, 1983 the Sisters formally took over the center and named it Dominican Child Development Center.

Dominican Child Development Center is a Christ-centered community working in partnership with families to instill our Catholic Faith. We aim to:

  • Teach each individual child so that he/she may grow in the understanding and love of God .
  • Work in partnership with parents and the local Community to provide a high-quality education
  • Give our students the opportunity to realize their potential and develop their full uniqueness.
  • Nurture a sense of service, and to challenge academically the next generation who will be leaders in our Global society.
  • Serves as a place of prayer, study, and community service and truth.

The school is also committed to:

  • Educate the whole person with compassion and integrity.
  • Dedicate itself to academic-excellence and lifelong learning
  • The development of the inquiring minds in search of truth with a sense of responsibility, justice, concern and  love for others.
  • Families and society through a value-oriented curriculum.
  • Profess and live a Christian value system
  • Concern for others through justice and love
  • Be able to relate their life with ultimate end.