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In 1957, the Sisters acquired the Holy Child Jesus Institute in Unisan, Quezon from a diocesan Priest, Fr. Jose Salvania. The Sisters saw that the school was a good prospect for an extension of its mission since it is situated in  rural area and that the people were poor. Upon its acquisition its name was immediately changed to Dominican Academy. The sisters continue to maintain the school despite its financial difficulties. These difficulties did not hinder them to provide complete basic education (K-12) to the poor in this area.  

In April 2009, after staying in a deteriorated house for so many years, the Sisters are now living in a newly built convent.  

Through all those years the school remained to be a mission school of the Province and the sisters continue to serve the school with joy and dedication. 

  • Administration and Teaching:
    • Pre-Elem, Basic Ed. y Junior and Senior HS
  • Other apostolate:
    • Catechism classes in public schools
    • First Communion preparation for grade 4 to grade 6 students
    • Home visitation and distribution of goods from benefactors to poor families.
    • Annual Recollection and Food drive of “arroz caldo” for “padyak drivers”, house helpers, laundry women, fish vendors during the Season of Lent and Advent.
    • Lay Dominicans