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Dominican House of Prayer was founded on Dec. 21, 1974. It was intended to provide a place with an atmosphere conducive to recollection and silence. As a retreat house, people from all walks of life—students, teachers, parishioners, parents, couples or families, priests, religious men and women are accommodated in this sanctuary.

In 1983, an ossuary (Valley of Repose) for the Sisters was opened which added uniqueness to the place. It is a serene place where people who came for spiritual renewal would spend some time in meditation and contemplation.

A bigger chapel was built in 1990 to accommodate the faithful in the neighborhood to the daily Eucharistic celebration.

            After the construction of the second building, Dominican House of Prayer provided the venue of the Provincial Chapter since 1994.

            Now, DHP continues to draw people in deep communion with God through prayer. It provides an atmosphere conducive to self-discovery, peace, personal transformation, spiritual growth and renewed lives to become committed Christians.

  • To provide a place for spiritual retreat, recollection, seminars and conferences.
  • Teach catechism and facilitate spiritual retreat for employees and workers
  • Pastoral: Outreach Program:
    • Visitation and Viaticum for the sick
    • Marriage Counseling and Marriage Preparation, Preparation for other Sacraments
    • Lay Dominicans